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December 09, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

”This is one great, sincere, romantic season,” says Bachelor host Chris Harrison of 29-year-old winemaker Ben Flajnik’s quest to find love among 25 single ladies on ABC’s The Bachelor. How could it not be? Ben, who was brutally rebuffed by Ashley on last season’s The Bachelorette, has sensitive-guy hair! He cried multiple times on the show! And did we mention the guy makes wine for a living? ”Ben is a different kind of Bachelor. He’s not Jake Pavelka, who seemed so perfect. He’s an organic and attractive guy, and the women were fascinated by him.” So much so that Harrison had a hard time picking his five most compelling bachelorettes. But here they are, for better or for worse.

Jenna, 27, Blogger
”I don’t know if it’s because she’s a blogger or that she’s from New York City, but she is overanalytical and very emotional. The whole thing might have been a little too much for her. She has a tough time fighting for time with Ben. From the moment the limo doors opened on the first night, it was on. And that hit her quicker than anybody.”

Amber T., 29, Critical-Care Nurse
”Amber is this cute little nurse from the heartland. She’s the all-American tomboy. Early on, you see clips of her back home shooting skeet with her shotgun. She’s a very interesting juxtaposition with Ben, who is this cosmopolitan San Francisco winemaker. Sometimes you think you know the kind of things you want, but then you meet someone and you realize maybe you don’t want what you thought you wanted.”

Courtney, 28, Model
”If Ben could have fallen on the cement when she got out of the limo, he would have. She’s this beautiful, leggy model from California, and he is infatuated with her. The big question is: Is there more to Courtney? Is Ben going to be that typical guy who goes for the immediate physical attraction? And let’s face it, not everyone is showing up to be sincere. She’s also very competitive. So you have to question whether she is there to get her 15 minutes or is she there to win Ben.”

Kacie B., 24, Administrative Assistant
”She is definitely America’s sweetheart this season. She’s a Southern girl who’s pure as the driven snow. She’s sweet tea sitting on a porch. Even the girls fall in love with her. She’s an early front-runner, and she makes life very easy for him. They have this really good connection.”

Lindzi C., 27, Business Development Manager
”Lindzi makes a very strong first impression. She’s the girl who trots up on a horse, making an entrance unlike anybody else. At the time, part of me thought that was a daring move. But she definitely has the personality, charm, and sense of humor to pull it off. She seems like a perfect, obvious fit for Ben, but as time goes by you wonder, is there more to this girl?”

Chris Harrison hosts the veteran reality romance series. Will you accept this rose?
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