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December 08, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST


SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!! Fans of FX’s horror series have been debating for weeks now whether or not Violet (Taissa Farmiga) is dead or alive and last night’s episode finally revealed the truth: Violet actually died weeks ago after a pill overdose. Farmiga says it was tough reading that her character had perished. “I was sad because now she’s trapped there,” says the actress. “She can’t get away from it. Once she finds out all the secrets that are around, she’s not gonna be too happy.” That’s an understatement given that her boyfriend Tate (Evan Peters) not only impregnated her mother Vivien (Connie Britton) with potentially the anti-Christ but is also basically a serial killer. And you thought Edward and Bella had it bad. EW talked to Farmiga about the shocking twist and what this means for her character’s future on American Horror Story.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you surprised to find out Violet was dead?

TAISSA FARMIGA: Honestly, I totally called it. The writers gave you little hints like she hasn’t been to school in two weeks. I was like, “Wait a minute — Is Violet dead? Is she dead?” I was asking people and they wouldn’t tell me and they weren’t allowed to tell me. As soon as I read the script, I screamed. I was like, “I knew it!”

What was that like to see your dead body?

It was a prosthetic they fitted my head. But that was creepy enough that it was supposed to be me. Before we even filmed it, I was freaking out because I was nervous to do this scene. It was just really emotional.

This is kind of the beginning of the s*** really hitting the fan.

Exactly. It’s just the beginning.

What’s this been like for you? It’s such a big twist for the character?

I wasn’t sure what to expect. You just kind of go with it. We’ve been getting these scripts last minute the entire season so you find out something big, you’re in shock for a second, but then you just go with it and shoot it and it’s all good.

Have you wrapped yet?

I officially got my series wrap last Saturday night. It was really sad. I thought I’d be really happy now I get to finally go home for a while. But as soon as I heard I was wrapped I was really sad. It’s so heartbreaking.

I’m assuming once Ben and Vivien find out Violet’s dead it’s emotional. Is that safe to say?

It is safe to say. At first, there’s disbelief especially with her dad. She’s trying to tell him and he won’t believe it.

Is Violet involved in the birth of Vivien’s baby?

Well the birth of the baby, most of the house is involved in that. There’s a lot of ghosts in that scene I will say.

So does Violet interact in these final episodes with like Hayden or Nora?

Violet never interacts with Hayden. I don’t even know if she knows that her father’s mistress is in the house. But Violet is a part of that big birthing scene.

Looking back, this was your first series and like your second acting job. How was this?

It’s been great. It’s been such a good experience. I feel like I learned so much just being on set and getting the first-hand experience of it and just working with everybody. I’ve had a really good time. I’ve loved it.

Everyone was pretty shocked when Tate was revealed as Rubberman. What was your response when you read that?

I was angry. I read it like five times over, that one little line, and I was like, “No! This cannot be happening!” I felt so bad for Violet. I just wanted to slap Tate. I wish there would have been a scene where Violet slapped Tate!

So what does this mean for you and season 2? Has Ryan Murphy or Brad Falchuk told you anything?

I wish I knew something. They keep me under wraps. I wish I could tell you something.

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