By Erin Strecker
December 08, 2011 at 04:46 PM EST

Adele better hurry up and release the official video for her third single off 21, because it looks like she’s got some (scarily similar) competition.

In this decidely non-official video for the soul star’s upcoming official third single “Set Fire to the Rain,” the song is reimagined as a love triangle between a woman, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s lover, who appears to be stealing him away with some modern dance. Watch the clip, intercut with moody, hidden-in-the-shadows shots of Adele (or “Adele”), below:

Pretty impressive, yes? Honestly, if I hadn’t known going in that it was fake, I probably would have bought it as legit. The heavy make-up and big hair were dead-on.”Adele” sure is set for Halloween for the rest of her life.

Sure, the vid was a little low-budget, but overall pretty killer. Guesses on how long it takes before the director, Andrew Vallentine, is given a real music video job?

Readers: Were you fooled?

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