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Listen you guys, I’m as surprised as you are that we’ve made it to another season of Teen Mom 2. I mean I figured by now I would have learned to to wean myself off this show, but every time I try it just sucks me back in with all the drama. And yes, there’s STILL a lot of drama, which is really kind of surprising considering that after last season you’d think these girls would have learned to reign it in a little. Ok, that’s not actually fair because SOME of the girls have shown inklings (small as they might be) of maturity, whereas others (JENELLE, JENELLE, JENELLE!) seem to be falling into the same stupid traps over and over again. So, without further adieu let’s catch up with the kids and their kiddos as they prep for Halloween and rate their progress from a scale of 0 to mature.

Leah: I have to admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for this girl, mainly because she always seems to put being a mom first. Of course, at a certain point you’ve got to start thinking about yourself too, and in the premiere Leah — who’s gotten a little stir crazy from watching the twins day and night — decides it’s time to get a job. Though her hubby is initially reluctant because of some residual trust issues, he ends up coming around after Leah lands a gig as a dental assistant. Is it totally cheesy that I’m actually a little proud of her? Don’t answer that. Needless to say, on my scale, she’s a 10 aka the most mature figure on Teen Mom.

Kailyn: Remember when Kailyn was living with Jo, the father of her child, and secretly dating Jordan on the side? Yeah, that was bad. Luckily things seem to have simmered down a bit between the two, though we can only wonder how long that will last when Joe discovers that Kailyn and Jordan are getting serious to the point where she invited her new beau to go trick-or-treating with her and her son. Of course, she has every right to live her life. The only problem is that she’s not being totally upfront about it with Jo. Is it considered lying if you’re just exempting the truth? I can’t remember. On a grade from 0 to mature: I’d give her a 6, if only because besides the potential boyfriend/baby daddy issue that might arise, she’s been keeping up with school and work…I think that deserves a little credit no?

Chelsea: Whereas Kailyn and Leah have made some strides in their personal life, Chelsea it seems can’t help but fall into the same patterns. Though she and her baby’s father, Adam, broke up last season, it looks like she’s about to get suckered into his charms (I use that word VERY loosely) yet again. When he texts her out of the blue because he wants to see his daughter, she stops studying for the GED (let’s be real, she didn’t really start) to primp her hair and dress her daughter in leopard print (why?) in hopes of impressing him. Ok, I get it, you want to look good in front of your ex. Fair enough. But what I can’t excuse is how easily she fell for his tricks. Case in point, after their daughter gives them each a kiss, Adam says “it’s like we both kissed,”(IS IT ADAM??) and on cue, Chelsea bursts into giggles. “No it’s not!” she claims, her stomach swarming with butterflies. Gross. Though she doesn’t give into him completely, for her the girlish giggles alone she gets a 4 on the maturity scale.

Jenelle: Honestly, where do I begin? After landing in jail because of her boyfriend Kieffer last season, Jenelle tells her mom that she’s ready to clean her life up and take care of her son, Jace. Of course, she neglects to mention that she and her friends bailed Kieffer (who her mom rightly told her to stop seeing) out of jail and that they are still secretly dating. I mean I just can’t. While her mom is starting to trust her again (she even allows Jenelle take Jace out to the park alone), Jenelle seems to be doing everything she can to screw it up (like say inviting Kieffer to join her and Jace at the park). What’s worse is that after convincing her mom to let her watch Jace for a day, she screws it up by staying out too late the night before with Kieffer. By the end of the episode, her mom realizes what’s going on and after a screaming match, which poor Jace was subjected to, she throws Jenelle out of her house. That’s basically a long way of saying that Jenelle has not changed. Not even a little bit. On a scale of 0 to maturity, she gets a rating of negative one hundred. Is anyone else as frustrated with her as I am?

Needless to say, after watching this episode my Teen Mom addiction will likely continue. Anyone else feel the same? Sound-off in the comments on your thoughts on how each of the mom’s have progressed (if at all) based on the premiere, and let me know whether you agree with my ratings!

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