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Like Alexander the Great, Steve Prefontaine, and Snow White before her, the late Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace suddenly has several producers prepping biopics simultaneously. The reluctant porn icon made her way into pop culture history with 1972’s Deep Throat, which was used as an informant code name during that year’s Watergate scandal and resurfaced with the Dennis Hopper-narrated documentary Inside Deep Throat, released in 2005 three years after Lovelace’s untimely death.

Today, EW confirmed that Juno Temple (left) and Wes Bentley have been added to the cast of Lovelace, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s biopic, which Epstein called “a story with great dramatic and psychological dimensions.” As pre-production for Lovelace and its competition, Matthew Wilder’s Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, really begins to take shape, it looks like it will be a race to the finish line as to which film — both of which are tentatively slated to hit theaters in 2012 — will be first to titillate and traumatize audiences. We size up the two entries below.

Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story

Director/Writer: Matthew Wilder (Your Name Here)

Linda: Malin Akerman

Chuck Traynor, Linda’s husband: Matt Dillon

Other stars: Sasha Grey, Paz de la Huerta, Harold Perrineau

Angle: Based on Ordeal, Lovelace’s autobiography (with Mike McGrady), look for Akerman — who replaced Lindsay Lohan as the lead — to play a more personal side of Lovelace, including scenes of rape and sexual violence, as she transitions from abused wife to reluctant porn star to a feminist activist.

Deep background: Grey may be the most interesting part of the movie as Grey herself made her name in porn films and has been vying to transition to mainstream acting since Steven Soderbergh’s 2009 film The Girlfriend Experience.


Directors: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (Howl, The Celluloid Closet)

Writers: Andy Bellin (Trust) and Merritt Johnson (Temple Grandin)

Linda: Amanda Seyfried

Dorothy Boreman, Linda’s mother: Sharon Stone

Chuck Traynor: Peter Sarsgaard

Other stars: Temple (Lovelace’s best friend), Bentley (Lovelace’s second husband Larry Marchiano)

Angle: Touted as being “set between the birth of the sexual revolution and the culmination of the feminist movement,” Lovelace is likely to take a more historical stance on the tragic figure.

Deep background: Seyfried is reported to play a much feistier, sex-hating Lovelace. The film will explore her instant attraction (and eventual hatred) for Traynor, as well as her off-screen friendship with Throat costar Harry Reems (casting not yet announced).

What do you think, PopWatchers? Who do you think will make a better Linda, Akerman or Seyfried? What about the role of Traynor, who forced Lovelace into porn? Will Dillon’s brassy brute be a better fit or Sarsgaard’s ominous quiet? Which Lovelace biopic are you most excited to see on the big screen?

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