By Darren Franich
Updated December 07, 2011 at 05:55 PM EST

The fourth season of Jersey Shore was supposed to be a rollicking fun-time adventure, with the gang returning to their ancestral Italian homeland. Instead, the Florentine misadventure slowly devolved — over 12 memorably event-free episodes — into a relentlessly miserable experiment in Buñuelian anxiety, with the Shore gang trapped in a glorious villa with no one to keep them company except for the people they hate most in the world.

In the upcoming season that debuts in January, the gang returns to Seaside Heights. From the looks of the new trailer, everything quickly descends into madness. Someone gets attack-humped by a man in a rabbit costume. Snooki urinates on the porch. At one point, all of Seaside Heights appears to be engaged in one big fight, although maybe that’s just stealth marketing for The Dark Knight Rises. Also, Vinny leaves, which means that returning MVP Boss Danny has to recruit some new roommates. Could this be MTV’s method of preparing a new class of Shore-ites? And if so, what are the chances that one of the new roommates is Jeremy Renner? Watch the trailer:

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