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This morning we managed to get our hands on something really weird and cool: a nine-minute, painstakingly detailed recreation of schlocky ’80s-’90s tabloid show Hard Copy that’s supposedly devoted to the disappearance of Harriet Vanger (the central mystery in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). There are too many great touches to recount here (authentic period commercials, Swedish local-news coverage of the 1966 accident on the bridge, an interview with a neighbor of the Vanger’s who’s feuding with them over their property border), but trust us: if you’re into Dragon Tattoo, this is a must-watch.

Where did this crazy thing come from? Here’s a bit of back story. A shadowy website called Mouth Taped Shut launched in August with links to Dragon Tattoo-related news and a few behind-the-scenes photos that suggested it might somehow be connected to the production. But things really got interesting when the site inaugurated a competition that involves solving puzzles embedded in photos posted on the site. Crack the code and you unlock a location somewhere in the world. The first person to get there finds an apparently authentic prop from the film, like one of Henrik Vanger’s framed, pressed flowers (be sure to read this story about how one treasure hunter found the coolest reward to date: Lisbeth’s leather jacket).

Today another clue was posted and two prizes in two different locations quickly uncovered: a pair of VHS tapes containing this Hard Copy video. And since you probably didn’t find them (and even more probably don’t have a VHS player), we’ve got the entire video below for you to check out.

So who made the elaborate clip? Whoever it was, you have to admire the warped mind that came up with this and executed it so brilliantly. We didn’t think this would be possible, but now we’re even more excited to see Dragon Tattoo when it opens Dec. 21.

Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

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