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Warner Bros. did a fantastic job transplanting New Year’s Eve elements onto the black carpet at Monday’s Hollywood celebrity-laden premiere of Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve — even if the holiday celebration was a little early. The celebrity component was a glut of stars that rivaled the Valentine’s Day or He’s Just Not That Into You premieres, and a seriously giant silver disco ball with glittery letters spelling out New Year’s Eve that was the centerpiece of the carpet.

Ashton Kutcher came solo and was shy with the press, often tucking his hair behind his ears after saying hello to a multitude of fans. He snuck behind costar Lea Michele while she took pictures, to steal a kiss behind the ear. She gasped loudly. They shared an animated laugh and briefly touched hands.

When asked how they manufactured silliness on set, Michele laughed and said that Kutcher, her costar and love interest in the film, “does that on his own. We worked really hard on this together. What I have learned the most about Ashton is that he has comedy and everything in the back of his pocket. But he constantly never stops working hard. That surprised me the most about him, and it inspired me so much.”

The cast of Glee — including included Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Harry Shum Jr., Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss — came to support Michele, who was given top-billing premiere status as the last star to walk the black carpet. “Big Lea moment, big Lea moment,” Shum Jr. joked with EW. “New Year’s Eve, ahead of schedule. I’m excited to see all of them, from Ashton Kutcher to Robert DeNiro.”

Shum told EW he is still awaiting word on his character for next year. “I’m a senior, I don’t know if we’re done. That’s still up in the air at this point. I don’t know.” He explained of the show changing, “There were talks about that in the summer. What we wanted to make sure that it was about this season. When we start getting closer to the end, like the 19th or 20th episode, I think we’ll have a better idea. But right now, we’re just having fun.”

As for this season: “Well, Tina brings his father and Mike back together. And Mike doesn’t like it. So there are some bumpy roads ahead for Tina. Mike Chang Sr. comes in for another cameo appearance. The father in the previous couple episodes disowned his son, so they’re not getting along too well. He said, ‘Get out of my house, I don’t want to see you.'”

When asked if there could be reconciliation, Shum said, “It will be. And I think that’s what makes the story a lot more interesting.”

Conversation on the carpet was about all things New Year’s Eve — resolutions, plans for this year, years past. “Same thing I always do,” said teenager Abigail Breslin. “Just stay at home, watch movies, watch the ball drop, and go to bed.”

But Breslin stayed late at the after-party, hanging with kid friends, Penny Marshall, and Yeardley Smith. In the movie, Breslin shared her first onscreen kiss in the movie with Jake T. Austin, the 15-year-old from Wizards of Waverly Place. “We did have to kiss; it was both of our first onscreen kisses,” Beslin said. “It was sweet. It was very professional, a lot of breath mints floating around.”

Hilary Swank’s resolution?

“My New Year’s resolution is pretty much always the same,” said Swank, who recently was shorn of management and publicity representatives after a questionable overseas appearance and mea culpa on Jay Leno. “A little time to slow down. I’m always at a go-go-go pace.”

The Oscar winner rushed through her carpet interviews but gave EW a brief word about her new film, which she starts in early 2012: “I’m preparing for a film that I’m producing, called You’re Not You. It’s for two men and two women. It’s based on a book. [I was interested] really because it has two strong lead women in it. It’s about helping each other out.”

Fergie, dressed and blowing kisses like Marilyn Monroe, joined Josh Duhamel on the carpet. Duhamel told EW, while being pulled away from group, “Who knows?” with a two-shoulder shrug and raised hands when asked when, or if, Transformers 4 is coming.

And Last Man Standing‘s Hector Elizondo told EW that Dick Van Dyke will appear on an upcoming episode of Tim Allen’s sitcom, on the heels of Nick Jonas’ guest appearance. No specific details about the role Van Dyke will play, though Elizondo said he’s only one of several upcoming guest stars. “People will start popping up. I have a feeling you will be surprised with the list,” he said. “They will go for that [Nick Jonas] generation, but I think you will be surprised.”

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