By Aly Semigran
Updated December 06, 2011 at 07:10 PM EST

Lionsgate vice chairman Michael Burns may not have brought Jon Hamm along for his visit to CNBC’s Squawk Box (much to the dismay of a Squawk Box anchor), but he did bring up plenty about his movie studio, including their rumored merger with Summit, as well as the biggest project on their slate, The Hunger Games. (However, for good measure, Burns did bring along a coveted Mockingjay pin.)

Burns wouldn’t elaborate much about possibly combining forces with Summit — the studio behind the Twilight saga (“We never talk about any specific deal”) — and added that while “consolidation makes sense in the industry” and their previous mergers with the likes of Mandate and Artisan have been “very good,” he noted that “we never chase a deal.”

The vice chairman continued to talk about his confidence in Lionsgate, particularly with the upcoming, highly anticipated first film in The Hunger Games series. “We have a terrific filmmaker, Gary Ross,” he said, adding that Lionsgate had “good timing” snagging the rights to the films. Burns went on to note, “We don’t want to bet on one particular franchise, but we feel good about what we have so far.” The other films on Lionsgate’s slate Burns has confidence in? The newly acquired Chaos Walking, as well as The Expendables 2, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and get ready, “I’m sure someday you’ll see Saw back in the picture.”

Watch the full interview with Burns regarding the studio, as well as a discussion about their place in television (Lionsgate is developing a series with ABC based on The Lincoln Lawyer) and with Netflix (“I believe strongly in their model”), below.

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