By Grady Smith
Updated December 05, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST
Andrew Evans/PR Photos

After 59 weeks on the chart, The Band Perry’s self-titled debut album was just certified platinum for shipments of 1 million copies.

Thanks to their country-gothic crossover smash “If I Die Young,” which hit number one on the country chart in December 2010 and then rose to number one on the adult contemporary chart eleven months later, their album has sold steadily over the past year. But a recent slew of CMA Awards wins, as well as a Best New Artist Grammy nomination have given the sibling trio a new boost.

I salute the band for their truly impressive achievement; audiences and critics alike are loving their album. And I think the band should totally celebrate this milestone achievement… with a trip to the barber shop!

Alright, I’m not usually one to criticize people for their looks, but this has been a topic of conversation around the EW Music department for a few weeks now: What the heck is going on with the hair on Reid and Neil Perry?

Seriously, these guys are in the big leagues now — EW named them part of Country’s New A-List last month — and considering we didn’t let Rob Lowe, Tom Brady, or Ben Affleck (or any of these ladies) off the hook when they were rocking truly heinous coifs, we’re not letting the Perry boys off the hook, either.

Guys, you’re young and handsome platinum-aires! Go to a fancy salon and get a new look befitting your million-man status. We’ll see you at the next awards show.

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