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Updated December 05, 2011 at 08:27 PM EST
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If you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, the past two weeks have likely felt like an eternity. We’ve spent 14 days waiting to find out the result of the series’ looming baby dilemma: Will Lily actually cave and let Marshall name their unborn child Hurricane? Okay, so that’s not exactly the question that’s still hanging heavy on everyone’s head, but she should really reconsider. (Team Hurricane Aldrin-Eriksen!)

No, the real drama (drama being the operative word here) that’s had everybody talking came from the major, whiplash-causing reveal that Robin is pregnant. And it could be Barney’s. Or it could be Kevin’s. And this whole thing is causing more anxiety than watching a Slap Bet countdown clock determine your fate.

With tonight’s mid-season finale just hours away (that’s right, fellow HIMYM enthusiasts, even more fun waiting awaits us!), there’s still so much left to consider. Last week, HIMYM executive producer Carter Bays revealed to EW that “there’s more to come” with this particular storyline, and that it gives way to something even “bigger.”

While it’s unlikely Maury Povich will be popping back up on tonight’s episode for some major paternity test reveal (Bays assured that the identity of the baby daddy in question is “settled pretty quickly”… sorry, Maury), what can we expect after learning Robin’s expecting? What could possibly be “bigger” about the story line? Is it Barney’s baby, but she still decides to be with Kevin? Or vice versa? Or does something much more tragic take place? (As New York Magazine‘s Vulture blog pointed out in an interview with Cobie Smulders, who doesn’t elaborate much on the HIMYM factoid, “We know from a very early-on Ted voice-over that Robin doesn’t have kids.”) Will any of that be revealed tonight, or is this all going to be the setup for the upcoming chain of events? I predict we’ll learn the father’s identity tonight (my money’s on Barney, but as Bays told us, Kal Penn’s Kevin won’t be out of the picture just yet), but beyond that, we’ll have to play the worst game on How I Met Your Mother since Mickey Aldrin’s “Diseases!”: The waiting game.

What do you think, or hope, is in store for tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, PopWatchers? Share in the comments section below!

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