By Lanford Beard
Updated December 05, 2011 at 05:28 PM EST

Two months since announcing her battle against breast cancer, E! news’ Giuliana Rancic returned to Today to reveal she’s taking her treatment to the next level. Though she initially opted for a double lumpectomy coupled with radiation, the conservative treatment hasn’t been as effective as she and husband Bill Rancic hoped. Now she is moving forward with a double mastectomy in one last attempt to scuttle the cancer for good.

“All it came down to, in the end, was just choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life,” she told host Ann Curry. See the Rancics’ other reasons for choosing this course of treatment in the full interview below.

Rancic admitted that her desire to have children was a driving factor in her decision, since radiation treatments “means two to five years of medication that basically puts me into early menopause,” delaying her potential to have children in the near future. In fact, it was her participation in fertility treatments that alerted Rancic to her cancer in the first place.

Giuliana said that cancer usually recurs within less than 1 percent of those who undergo a double mastectomy, whereas there’s a 20 to 40 percent chance of recurrence with radiation. “For me it just wasn’t worth it,” she said. She added, “I couldn’t be more at peace with the decision, but it was hard. I still break down some nights… but I’m okay.”

Affirmed Bill, “This was a decision that wasn’t made lightly.” Giuliana credited her husband in helping her make her decision when he told her, “I just need you around for the next 50 years, kid.” For his part, Bill told Curry, “I’m focused on the finish line. Our goal is to be done with this by Christmas time, then don’t look back.”

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