December 05, 2011 at 08:13 PM EST

Most of Donald Trump’s new book, Time to Get Tough: Making America No. 1 Again, reads like a 190-page diatribe against the Obama presidency, illegal immigration, and the people and media outlets who have dared to criticize him. The former presidential hopeful obviously has strong opinions on the nation’s current political climate, but the Celebrity Apprentice star also has plenty to say about celebrity and the entertainment business. Here are some of the self-proclaimed “ratings machine”‘s thoughts on Hollywood:

He takes partial credit for Lady Gaga’s fame. “Maybe she became a star because I put her on the Miss Universe Pageant. It’s very possible, who knows what would have happened without it, because she caused a sensation. … I really believe I had at least something to do with it.”

Another of Trump’s shows is responsible for creating a big star. “Far better than Bryant Gumbel is Piers Morgan. After winning Celebrity Apprentice, Piers Morgan became a star and took over for Larry King on CNN. His show is terrific. One day Piers called me and asked me whether I would call into his show, a privilege I receive that few others get because they’d rather have me on the show by phone than not at all.”

Trump breaks down the components of his TV charisma. “My show Celebrity Apprentice has been one of NBC’s biggest hit shows and a huge moneymaker for 11 seasons. I have a lot of rich friends who tell me they would kill to have their own hot reality show. Not for the money, mind you, but because it creates such a powerful brand presence and is a lot of fun to do. I tell them to go for it, but for whatever reason — personality, looks, stage fright, lots of reasons — they say they could never do it. But they give me a lot of credit for being able to pull it off.”

NBC execs should always listen to Trump’s ideas. “I told Jeff Zucker, who previously ran NBC, ‘Jeff, don’t move Jay Leno. He’s No. 1 in the evening, and when you are No. 1, you don’t move. … Don’t move Jay Leno — it’s a terrible mistake.”

He lays out the reason for Rock Center‘s failure. “They named Brian Williams’ new show Rock Center, a horrible name for a show — and names of shows really matter. Brian is fantastic. But Rock Center will never work, and if they get four or five million viewers a night it will be a lot … Now, if they did it in Trump Tower and called it Trump Tower, it would, of course, be a smash hit.”

Trump has a thick skin when it comes to mockery. It came in handy at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner when President Obama began roasting him. “While I shouldn’t admit this, I don’t mind being the center of attention, especially on such an evening. I loved it! … I didn’t quite know how to react. Should I be laughing? Smiling? Frowning? I wasn’t sure so I decided to keep a straight face, with a few little smiles every once in a while because I knew the cameras were on me.”

But on the same night, he wasn’t laughing when a certain SNL star took the stage. “Eventually a third-rate comedian named Seth Meyers (somebody who in my opinion has absolutely no talent) got up and spoke. He was nervous, shaking, and sounded like he had marbles in his mouth. He made a crack that Donald Trump’s candidacy was a joke or something to that effect. It was quite nasty but I’ve had a lot worse things said about me.”

Luckily, as has been the case through much of Trump’s life, a tall, leggy blond was on his side. “Sitting at another table was a beautiful blond woman who turned out to be Brooklyn Decker … [The crowd] thought it was hilarious that I was being roasted, but Brooklyn Decker actually looked angry. Months later, Brooklyn and I met at Anna Wintour’s fabulous dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I thanked Brooklyn for her classy attitude and she knew exactly what I was saying. She is a terrific person and will continue to go far.”

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