By Aly Semigran
Updated December 03, 2011 at 11:00 PM EST
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Nucky will be going for yuks this evening (Nyuky?) as Steve Buscemi hosts Saturday Night Live for the second time in his career. (The first? All the way back in 1998, with musical guests Third Eye Blind.)

Despite being a terrific and sometimes terrifying Golden Globe-winning dramatic actor, Buscemi won’t be entirely out of his element. In fact, Buscemi’s patented brand of wonderfully weird has worked well in both very dark (Fargo, Pulp Fiction) and very mainstream (The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy) comedies. Not to mention the fact that he’s already made his triumphant return to 30 Rock…on 30 Rock, as private eye Lenny Wosniak. (“I gave my gun to my pastor, you know, in case I get the old gloomies again.”)

From the promos alone it seems like Buscemi will be playing up his uncanny ability to make people very nervous. (Just don’t call it a “vibe,” okay Andy Samberg?) Check out both of the host’s spots below, including his hilarious explanation to Bill Hader about why he really got cast in Fargo. (It’s up there with Liam Neeson‘s reasoning for why Steven Spielberg put him in Schindler’s List.) Watch:

With the help of supremely talented rockers The Black Keys as musical guests, do you think will Steve Buscemi be able to topple Melissa McCarthy and Jason Segel as this season’s favorite host? Are you hoping for a Boardwalk Empire skit or just another visit from Mr. Pink? Be sure to post your feelings on the episode as it happens tonight and then check back in Sunday morning for a full recap.

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