By Aly Semigran
Updated December 02, 2011 at 04:45 PM EST

We here at EW have some pretty strong opinions about bangs. In fact, infuriatingly bad bangs on an otherwise beautiful actress can ruin a perfectly good movie or television show for us. (My personal vote goes to Courteney Cox in Scream 3, whose short, choppy bangs made the horror flick just about unwatchable. Well that, and the movie is terrible.)

Still, we’re not opposed to the idea of bangs as a whole. In fact, we welcome it. (Please reserve all “That’s what she said”s for the comments section below, PopWatchers.) So imagine our delight when Taylor Swift opted to go back to having bangs (she pulled them off way back in 2009) and tweeted a photo of her new locks (see above) and cut straight to the point, “Got a haircut.”

Since my first instinct upon seeing her ‘do wasn’t to want to meet her so that I could simply move her hair out of her eyes and put it in a ponytail (I’m looking at you, Zooey Deschanel) I’d say Taylor Swift’s latest brush with bangs are a success. But, is she the only one that’s actually doing the ever-increasing trend any justice? Or would you argue that Lea Michele (who will be ringing in New Year’s Eve with bangs), Katy Perry (sure, Smurfs can get bangs, too) or some lady named Kim Kardashian (I have no idea who she is either, but I’ll Wikipedia it in a minute) looks just as good with them? Or should no one ever, under any circumstances, attempt to have bangs?

Tell us, which stars have bangin’ bangs, PopWatchers? (Please note: This is a very pressing matter and you should drop whatever else you’re doing. Unless you’re getting bangs, in which case, please don’t mess that up.)

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