Reviews of the latest songs from Taylor Swift, T.I., and Leonard Cohen

Taylor Swift, ”Ours”
People may ”throw rocks at things that shine,” but Swift and her sweetheart aren’t worried — they’re floating on a sweet, strummy sea of love. B+Lanford Beard

T.I., ”Pyro”
Talking isn’t really his strength: He recently made headlines with controversial statements about gay people. But rhyming about midsize sedans? T.I. can handle that on this party-rap ode to VIPs who chill in Honda Civics. BMelissa Maerz

Leonard Cohen, ”Show Me the Place”
At 77, the man whose voice falls somewhere between God and James Earl Jones on the Baritone Gravitas Scale sounds as resonant as ever; his latest is a stately, sonorous beauty. A-Leah Greenblatt