Rob Schneider Pilot
Credit: CBS

After being mocked in the press, CBS is changing two midseason show titles.

The first is Rob Schneider’s new sitcom, which CBS recently unveiled as… ¡Rob!

The title annoyed reporters, as it was more unnecessary stunt punctuation from the network that brought us $#*! My Dad Says and 2 Broke Girls. The new name is simply…

Rob. Less enthusiastic, sure, but that’s okay. (Hey, critics are less than enthusiastic, too!) CBS may still use an exclamation point for marketing purposes, but it won’t be the show’s official title.

The second show title being changed is a midseason cop drama you may not have heard about. But ever since last May, when CBS told reporters with a straight face it was debuting a gritty new series called The 2-2, we’ve been waiting for this switch. (The show received the honor of Worst Title for a New Show in EW’s best and worst rundown from the network’s upfront presentations this year.) The title refers to a police precinct … though, in reality, the 2-2 is the precinct in Central Park rather than some outlaw borough. Now instead of The Tutu The 2-2, the show is officially renamed …

NYC 22. There, much tougher!

Credit CBS with a sense of humor, though. When asked why the show titles were changed, a spokesperson sent this statement: “As a network we no longer believe in punctuation.”

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