By Tanner Stransky
December 01, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

One of the beautiful things about most music videos is that you can watch them in just a few — or maybe four or five — minutes, max.

But leave it to Lady Gaga to unspool a mini-movie that’s half the length of a sitcom episode. Folks, Little Monsters, and everyone else: Gaga has released her epic, 14-minute-long music video for her latest single “Marry the Night.”

And, as ever, the clip is a trip to Total Crazyville, population: 1, Lady Gaga — filled with a surreal visit to the ER, ballerinas, Cheerio-hording, naked bathtub writhing, Fame-style dance sessions, and cars catching fire.

Settle in for 14 minutes and watch the “Marry the Night” video below, but note that if you want to, you know, get right to the song, you’ll need to skip to about the 8-minute mark:

Thoughts? Does this make you want to go out and “Marry the Night”? Is it Gaga’s best video yet? Her worst? Sound off below!

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