December 01, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST


Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: South Pacific.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Cochran kept saying – even to cameras when there were no Upolu people around – that they OWED him for switching sides. How can this guy be such a super fan of the show and actually think that anybody owes anybody else anything in an individual game for a million dollars?

JEFF PROBST: Ah, I disagree with the implication. This is a game based on social politics. Cochran has a vote in this game. He gave Upolu the final 6 when he walked away from his tribe. I would have negotiated differently. I would have said, if I come over, I need verification from 3 of you that I am safe for two tribals. If not, you will not get my vote in the end. That certainly doesn’t guarantee a thing in this game but that’s maybe the only thing you can do to help ensure a shot at a bit of loyalty. But generally speaking I do think there is some value system in Survivor — it’s often the basis for why people win or lose the game.

Albert wins immunity and reward and then gives up his shower and massage to Cochran. I have to assume this was his blatant attempt to curry favor with a jury vote. You like that move, or does it come across as a little too blatant and put more of a target on the person from the perspective of the other players?

I don’t think Albert has a chance in hell of ever winning this game so it doesn’t really matter.  He’s so obvious you seem him coming from three islands away. Then again…I didn’t think Natalie had a shot at winning over Russell.

It’s hard to watch Brandon out there sometimes with the personal struggles he’s clearly having, which culminated with him at Tribal Council proclaiming that, “I want to do wrong things.” You’ve removed players in the past who were physically unable to continue. Has there ever been any discussion as to removing a player (like Brandon) whose mental state has degraded due to the harsh conditions that make playing Survivor so difficult physically but emotionally as well?

Great question. There was never any concern about Brandon becoming violent to himself or others. We do monitor the contestants and we are very concerned about their welfare. We did remove someone in Fans vs Favorites because she was emotionally exhausted and we were concerned she might hurt herself. (Ed Note: He’s talking about Kathy Sleckman.) So yes it is a concern but it has only happened the one time.

And now the Upolu folks must eat their own. Tease us up for next week, Jeff!

Well, the thing I’m most excited about is Cochran and Ozzy on Redemption Island. Is there any chance Cochran could win?

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