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Okay, so it certainly would have been nice if the demand for the exceptionally talented cast of Friday Night Lights had been this high while the show was actually, you know, on the air, as opposed to after the show’s run. But, as any true blue FNL fan can attest, we’ll take more Riggins, Coach, Mrs. Coach, and the other attractive, complex, football-loving citizens of Dillon, Texas where we can get them. (Except for you, Epyck. Everyone but you.)

Thankfully as of late, unlike the mysterious case of the disappearing Santiago, we don’t have to wonder where the cast has gone or what they’re up to. In fact, they’re pretty much everywhere these days and (for the most part) it’s pretty darn great news. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on with some of our favorite Friday Night Lights alums and where we hope to see them go next:

Kyle Chandler

What he’s up to: After a turn in the summer hit Super 8 and that long-overdue, much-deserved Emmy win, the increasingly handsome Chandler recently joined the A-list cast of the political thriller Broken City alongside Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones. No word on whether or not he’ll make an inspirational, life-affirming speeches in the project. (Though, let’s be honest, he always should.) Aw, Coach.

Where we’d like to see him next: While he clearly has a stellar track record on the small screen, we like the big screen direction he’s headed in.

Connie Britton

What she’s up to: Since the end of the series (gosh, that’s still sad to have to say) Britton has taken on two very uniquely different roles. And while one is a stark contrast to the spirited, sassy Tami on FNL (now the troubled Vivien on the spooky scary American Horror Story), the other is much closer to home: A loving mom. (Britton recently adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia named Eyob.)

Where we’d like to see her next: As Kyle Chandler’s wife in one of his movies. (Seriously. They should work almost exclusively together.)

Taylor Kitsch

What he’s up to: Despite dealing with the trauma of Kitsch cutting his flowing, magnificent Tim Riggins hair for Battleship, the star is more than making it up to his fans by losing most of his clothes as well for the upcoming action flick John Carter. Oh, we could never stay made at you for long anyway, Riggs.

Where we’d like to see him next: The printable version? Okay, in as many movies as possible.

Zach Gilford

What he’s up to: In an effort to spare the breaking hearts of girls everywhere, let’s just store the information that Gilford just announced his engagement to Lost actress and total knockout Kiele Sanchez in that part of our brains where the whole Landry/Tyra season 2 murder debacle resides (i.e. filed away in the “It never happened” compartment.)

Where we’d like to see him next: Off the Map didn’t pan out the way we’d all hoped it would, but Gilford is a stellar dramatic actor, so why not bring him back to TV? (Besides, it will give Emmy voters a chance to make up for not rewarding him with one during his season 4 triumph.)

Adrianne Palicki

What she’s up to:Tyra was always something of an ass-kicking, take-no-prisoners kinda gal, so it’s only fitting that Palicki, who despite no longer getting the chance to play Wonder Woman, will still get to do just that. Over the summer the actress was cast as Lady Jaye in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes and has a role in the revamp of the ’80s action classic Red Dawn. And, hey, this time around she might actually get to kill somebody. Because, as you’ll recall, that never happened on the show.

Where we’d like to see her next: Returning to her college entrance letter roots. Palicki will no doubt make for a sexy action star, but much like Tyra, we can’t sell her short. She would bode just as well in dramas on television or in the movies.

Of course, they’re not the only ones who have been keeping busy since the Taylors left Texas, Scott Porter now appears on Hart of Dixie, Matt Lauria nabbed a guest stint on CSI, Aimee Teegarden can be seen on the Facebook series Aim High, and Jesse Plemons will be touring with Crucifictorious. (Just kidding! He will, however, be reuniting with Timmy Riggins aboard the S.S. Battleship.)

Which Friday Night Lights star are you most excited to see enter the next phase of their career? Who is due for a new role? Who do you think will ultimately become the biggest post-FNL MVP? Share in the comments section below, PopWatchers.

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