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Updated December 01, 2011 at 07:22 PM EST
American Horror Story
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If you’ve read Tim Stack’s post-episode convo with Ryan Murphy (if not, GO NOW!), then you know that next week will answer one of the many many questions that have been swirling in our heads for a while: Is Violet dead?

Since we know we’re about to get closure on the issue, it seems like the perfect time to choose a side and make an official prediction — hence the poll you’ve been promised. But first, let’s chat properly about this.

We know that most of this “Violet is dead” talk started in the episode in which she swallowed the pills, only to be (possibly!) saved by Tate. (Others theorize that her could-be death occurred in episode 1, when she had a mental image of slitting her own throat. I would argue against this being true only because we, at the time, didn’t know much about the mystery of the house and it seems strange to throw in a big plot twist before properly giving it context. I could be wrong.) Since then, the writers have thrown in a number of things that would support the Dead Theory. Violet’s absence from school, the “evolution” Tate talked about when she found herself encountering more of the house’s spirits, and the fact that she has yet to travel too far from the property. (If I missed any, pipe up!)

That said, I sort of hope Violet isn’t dead — because that leaves room for a possibly powerful death scene later on. After all, Tate is in love with Violet and wants to keep her in the house. What better way than to make sure they’re together forever? Plus, I think that Tate would have shared the news of her death with her by now, right? Or not. He is a pretty good secret keeper. Maybe he’s planning to use one secret to soften the blow of the other. “So, honey, by the way, you’re dead. But in other news, I impregnated your mother!” Twisted. It’s all twisted — and I love it.

Okay. It’s voting time, people. Choose a side!

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