By Laura Hertzfeld
November 30, 2011 at 10:56 PM EST

Even though I live in southern California, I still need something warm and fluffy to get me through the winter, so the news that Royal Pains and its pastel summer-in-the-Hamptons cardigans are coming back in January made my day. White Collar is also returning that week, with Matt Bomer’s impossibly good-looking art thief and its mounting concern over the future of Kelly Kapowski Elizabeth.

Let’s start with Royal Pains. From toxic cleaning products to a painting that made Fez, er, Wilmer Valderrama, faint, last season was full of bizarre maladies. What is the weirdest ailment we’ll see this winter? Will a guest star (I’m hoping for a Ricky Schroder sighting) fall off a horse, or nearly drown in the rough Hamptons waters?

And there’s the real story – what’s going on with our favorite brothers and the women who love them? I’d venture to guess that Hank has a few flirtations this season while Jill is away (if she actually leaves… ). Will sexy doctor/partner Emily be a temptation again? Evan will patch things up with Paige, but part of me really wants to see him and Divya do it and get it over with. Sheesh, so many questions to ask Spoiler Room‘s Sandra Gonzalez!

As far as White Collar is concerned, I’m still reeling over what Neal got away with last season. It’s about time his smarmy luck runs out, right? It’s rough to see his heart of gold rusting a bit, especially when there’s a rift building between him and straight-laced agent Peter. But there’s no way that Elizabeth won’t be freed from her kidnappers safely – or that Neal won’t get found out, given how close Peter was to catching him in his lies in the season finale. Whether Peter turns him in is going to be the interesting part. Do you think Neal might let Mozzie take the fall?

Are you a fan of USA’s formula of drama? Are you looking forward to the new seasons – and a new show, Common Law? Tell us below!

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