By Lanford Beard
November 30, 2011 at 07:00 PM EST
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It’s been a banner year for retracted and insincere apologies, and Patti Stanger certainly didn’t buck the trend on last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker reunion. In a clip uploaded by Gawker, host Andy Cohen asked Stanger about the controversial comments she made about gays and Jewish men on his Watch What Happens show back in September.

After Stanger insisted she loves both the gays and Jewish men, Cohen (who happens to be a member of both of the offended minorities) asked her to elaborate on the gay comments. She stated first and foremost that “I want the gay community to know that I love them… ” and things went downhill from there.

Stanger made a strong start, saying, “I couldn’t sleep knowing that I hurt the gay community.” Of course, this is Patti Stanger, so her apology soon turned into a self-aggrandizing claim that “this is my mission in life: To help the gay community.” If that wasn’t a sufficient overstatement, Stanger then basically took credit for the profusion of gays on the Bravo network. Did you also invent the wheel and sliced bread, Patti?

Sensing they were veering off course, Cohen said bluntly, “You like to generalize, don’t you?” Stanger admitted, “I’m a very stereotypical person … and that’s part of my flavor, I guess, because I tell it like it is.” She mentioned seeing her gay clients collecting numbers from potential matches at her mixers (a practice that is verboten in the Millionaires Club) and asked defensively, “What can I do? This is what I saw!” Then she added, “I also saw the straight people doing the same thing, by the way.” But she didn’t lump all straight people together, effectively calling them promiscuous sluts, on live TV… and that’s the crux of the problem.

Stanger said the backlash from her comments made her afraid to speak her mind for about a week, during which time she did some soul searching and praying. And, get this: God himself told Stanger to keep doing her thang. So nowadays she doesn’t think twice about generalizing: “I know what I see.” She did admit, “I probably should be a little more cautious with how I speak, and I think my delivery needs to be a little softer.” Deadpanned Cohen, “Well, let me know how that goes.”

How do you think it will, PopWatchers? What do you think of Stanger’s insistence that she tells it “like it is”? What of her claim that the Almighty himself validated her brassiness? Did you finish out the season of the Millionaire Matchmaker, or did the September kerfluffle turn you off for good?

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