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Rejoice! The third season of TV Land’s hit lady sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, returns for season 3 tonight. When the show last signed off back in August, we were left with quite the cliff-hanger: Who would Elka (Betty White) choose to be with after her dead husband Bobby (Don Rickles) showed up at her wedding to new beau Fred (Buck Henry)? And that, of course, happened only after she sidelined Max (Carl Reiner), yet another beau. She’s got three dudes to choose from! (People one quarter her age would kill to get this much action!)

So who will she choose tonight? Well, we can’t tell you what she’ll do exactly (that would spoil all the fun!), but we here at EW have seen the episode and can tell you that Elka does, indeed, choose one of the guys. Tonight’s episode launches with Elka fretting over her three-way issue with pals Joy (Jane Leeves), Victoria (Wendie Malick), and Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli). “I had something borrowed and something blue,” laments Elka. “I didn’t think my something old would be my dead husband!” Then, Elka goes into what she loves about the various men in her life. “Max, he’s the Ross to my Rachel,” she says, before adding: “Bobby, I miss his subtle sense of humor.”

Now here’s a little addendum to Elka choosing one of the three guys: We said that she chooses a guy — but that doesn’t mean that Elka will still be with him by the end of the episode. So just marinate on that a bit.

While the episode is indeed largely focused on Elka’s plight, it delves into the hilarity around the marriage between Joy and Victoria, which also happened in last season’s finale, and finds the four ladies traveling to NYC so that Victoria can guest on a fake talk show, The Chatter, alongside guest star Kathie Lee Gifford. (The photo here shows Betty on the Chatter couch with the show’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck-esque host.)

Who do you think Elka will choose? Who would you like her to choose? Should Joy and Victoria choose each other and stay married? Sound off below.

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