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Updated November 30, 2011 at 02:15 PM EST
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Fox won’t confirm reports that Ricky Martin is in talks to be the first celebri-guest on this season of Glee (even though the star himself pretty much confirmed it via Twitter last night), but it’s still fun to think about the possibilities. Agree?

I mean, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Ricky Martin on TV. I think the last time I saw him was on Dancing With the Stars or Oprah, which were — until recently, when the latter bowed out — always the two places any former headline-grabbing celebrity went to get a little face time. Regardless, good for him — if it pans out. And even better for us.

Glee has been on a low-cal casting diet as of late, which I’m personally thankful for. But like anything you give up for a period of time, I’m about ready for a good helping. Key word: good. And there are a few ways they can do that with Martin, who reportedly is going to guest as a sexy Spanish teacher. (Aside: Are the Spanish teachers at this school anything other than sexy? Because, I’ll tell ya, mine was…) The numero uno way to ensure success with the former superstar? GOOD MUSIC!

So, readers, I ask that you throw out your suggestions. But before you start throwing out anything and everything with a salsa beat, keep in mind that before he was shaking his you-know-what and singing about cups of life, Martin was well known for his Spanish-language ballads. And they were pretty good (for the corny ’90s). So don’t count out a good sappy song. In fact, I’ll make my suggestion a super sappy, crazy choice that you can make fun of me for in comments: “I Finally Found Someone,” originally performed by Babs and Bryan Adams.

Let me explain! I imagine one of those layered duets (with Rachel, duh!) where two separate storylines intersect in song. I won’t go as far as to think up a wild idea for those storylines — that’s someone else’s problem. But, frankly, there hasn’t been enough Bryan Adams on this show (or in life), and I think Martin is up for the task.

Commence your judgment… but then contribute your thoughts!

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