Here’s everything you need to know about the home video release of HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season. exclusively has the release date, the list of extensive bonus features, a ton of screen shots, and first-look video clip from one of the documentaries.

The fantasy drama is arguably the most anticipated DVD release for a TV series that’s aired this year. And with the show’s expected home video revenue factored as a major player in the show’s finances, it’s no surprise HBO has pulled out all the stops. Based on the two disks I previewed, Thrones was given a lavish presentation. The sophisticated menu navigation and behind-the-scenes extras that are on par with DVD sets from hit movies rather than what fans typically receive for TV shows.

Game of Thrones arrives in stores on March 6, 2012. The cost: $79.98 for BD and $59.99 for standard-def DVD. Here’s a list of all the extras followed by 11 exclusive pics and then a video clip from one the of the documentaries.


There’s no deleted scenes from the series itself — the producers used almost everything they shot. I’d love to tell you about the Dragon Eggs, but I’m sworn to silence on that one. The making-of extras should please longtime Ice & Fire fans looking for more detail, while the character profiles and major houses compendium are useful to newcomers who could use some background to help follow the complex show.

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From the History of the noble houses, which has actors narrating a series of original sketches telling the backstory behind each of the major ruling families…

Some behind-the-scenes footage…

A bit of navigation from one of the interior menus…

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More behind-the scenes from the Anatomy of an Episode feature…

And finally, an exclusive clip from Anatomy of an Episode — the making of the Sky Cells scene from “A Golden Crown” …

Here’s an exclusive clip from Anatomy of an Episode — the making of the Sky Cells scene from “A Golden Crown”…

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