November 29, 2011 at 09:38 PM EST

Fresh off the massive commercial success of Fast Five, Vin Diesel is preparing for a return trip to another franchise from his salad days. EW has confirmed with a representative for Diesel that production on the third Chronicles of Riddick movie has restarted in Montreal, with filming currently slated to begin in late January. (TMZ reported earlier that production was briefly shut down for financial reasons.) Not much official information is available on the film — in February Variety reported that the threequel was simply titled Riddick — but Diesel has occasionally provided tantalizing hints about the movie via his extremely active Facebook page. (In May, Diesel said that he was taking a pay cut to secure an R rating.) Writer/director David Twohy is helming the third film, which is said to be closer in spirit to the low-budget scrappiness of Pitch Black (as opposed to the big-money excesses of Chronicles of Riddick.)

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