By Lanford Beard
Updated November 29, 2011 at 06:18 AM EST

Jason Reitman may have been at the 21st Annual Gotham Independent Awards to support honoree Charlize Theron, who stars in his buzzy upcoming film Young Adult, but the Oscar-nominated director told EW at the event that he has at least one other project coming down the pipeline that’s gotten tongues wagging. Since pulling off successful stagings of The Breakfast Club and The Apartment for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (a.k.a. LACMA), the Oscar-nominated director (who could earn another nomination in 2012), has his sights set on another über-quotable classic. And the next Live Read is…

The Princess Bride!

Yes, cinephiles, the “inconceivable” is happening. It’s something you may have hoped for, something you may have dreamed in your wildest imagination, but did you ever imagine it would come true?

Reitman excitedly told EW that he did have a cast nearly nailed down, though he was mum the final roster. “It’s perfect, it’s just perfect,” he teased.

“It’s kind of a film nerd’s dream to be able to cast these movies with modern day actors and listen to them read out live in front of audiences,” he added. “It really makes my heart swell to do it.”

The next Live Read is scheduled for Dec. 15 at 7:30 p.m.

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