By Aly Semigran
November 29, 2011 at 03:10 PM EST
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Cast Away: Zade Rosenthal

Who could have guessed that tonight’s brand new episode of Glee titled “I Kissed A Girl” would feature a cover of the Katy Perry earworm of the exact same name? Then again, at a high school where the median age of the student body hovers around 24 and the house band is always on the ready, anything is possible. And that includes a sultry performance by the gals of Glee, led by Naya Rivera and Lea Michele, complete with more cheerleading Katy Perry enthusiasts and uncomfortable reaction shots from Matthew Morrison’s Mr. Schuester. (Keep it together, man!) While the ladies’ cover of the ode to experimentation likely won’t garner the same reaction as Glee‘s other ventures into the Katy Perry catalog (namely Darren Criss’ swoon-worthy take on “Teenage Dream”) it will probably return the 2008 hit to its rightful place: On a relentlessly endless loop in your head. Check out the full clip below:

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.
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