November 29, 2011 at 06:10 PM EST
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I’m always amazed when someone takes the time to dislike something on YouTube. So how have 621 people disliked her World of Warcraft TV spot? Watch it below. Granted, her tone, if you’re not familiar with her dry, disaffected delivery on Parks and Recreation, could be an acquired taste. But she’s saying she became obsessed with the game — more than the boyfriend who gave it to her, which is why she dumped him. Is that the part that some WoW fans have a problem with? Eighty-some people have liked the comment “That’s a good message: ‘Hey nerds, get your girlfriend to play WoW. She’ll dump you.'” Other people seem to be upset that she originally asked her boyfriend for diamonds for her birthday present, which makes her materialistic — that was a joke. This is not the kind of woman who asks for diamonds. What gives?

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