By Darren Franich
November 28, 2011 at 04:35 PM EST
Matthew Welch/AMC

Are you still decompressing from last night’s Walking Dead midseason finale? Have your breathing patterns returned to normal? Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarice? I think we can all agree that, after a hit-or-miss second season, Dead managed to bring it all together for an exciting hour of television, complete with a final-moment twist that cast the season in a whole new light. (Spoilers ahead) Yes, adorable little Sophia turned out to be one of the zombies in the barn — meaning that the entire season-long Search for Sophia was all pointless, and thus perhaps, all of human life is pointless. Deep! The death of a major character can energize a high-stakes TV show like Dead. Since the show won’t be back until Feb. 12, we have to time to ask ourselves a big question: Who else should Dead kill off?

Because to me, there’s still one big problem with the show: The show’s supporting cast is stocked with characters who just aren’t that interesting. Carol doesn’t have much to do except pout. T-Dog has literally nothing to do except get injured. Lori’s main character trait is “pregnant.” And I’ve lost count of how many random members of Hershel’s family are lurking around the farm.

Most big ensemble dramas take a couple seasons to weed out the less interesting people. It’s sort of like building the perfect baseball team: Sometimes, you have to trade the underperforming characters to bring in some new blood. (Lost and 24 were especially good at this, constantly dispatching lame characters to make way for more interesting personalities.) And since character death is built right into the premise of Walking Dead, it seems like the back half of this season could be a perfect opportunity to send an uninteresting character packing.

So who would you get rid of, fellow viewers? Have you grown tired of Dale’s wide-eyed crankiness? Should Andrea accidentally shoot herself in the head? Would you like to see the TV version of The Walking Dead completely break from the comic book and kill off Rick Grimes? Vote in our poll below, and be sure to check out all our other exciting coverage of Walking Dead‘s midseason finale. It’s like National Walking Dead Day at!

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