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Updated November 28, 2011 at 05:06 PM EST
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Though the Dixie Chicks have been on hiatus since late 2006, they want their fans to know they still care about them — and that they still plan on making a return to music someday.

With that in mind, the ladies are releasing a new DVD/Blu-ray, Storytellers, a version of their 2006 VH1 special with three added performance clips that didn’t make the broadcast: “Lullaby,” “Easy Silence,” and “So Hard”, on November 29.

“We haven’t played live for so long except for that one show a couple weeks ago,” explains Martie Maguire. “We just thought we should put something out while we’re not doing that much.”

So what are they up to? Well, Maguire tells EW that she and her sister, Emily Robison, are currently working on a second Court Yard Hounds album while the Chicks’ lead singer, Natalie Maines, focuses on being a mother.

Below, check out a clip from the DVD of the Chicks singing their number-one 2000 hit “Cowboy, Take Me Away.”

Missing from the video above is a great vignette about Maines drunkenly singing “Dream Weaver” at a wedding, but to hear that whole story (and others like it), you’ll have to check out the DVD when it’s available in stores tomorrow.

Are you hoping for a Dixie Chicks reunion soon? Do you miss their presence on the country-music scene today? Let us know in the comments below.

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