By Stephan Lee
November 28, 2011 at 04:59 PM EST
Press Association/AP

So much of the world knows Pippa Middleton, younger sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, for her pert posterior, which grabbed countless headlines in April when she became the world’s most famous maid of honor. Now the world will see a different side of her as a party planner. According to the Daily Mail, Middleton struck a massive £400,000 ($622,000) U.K. deal with Penguin. The book will reportedly be titled How to Be the Perfect Party Hostess and will include recipes, pointers, and anecdotes. Middleton currently works as a party planner for the London-based company Table Talk, and she also writes and edits the newsletter for the website of her family’s party supply company Party Pieces.

The Mail reports that Middleton, not wanting to be seen as exploiting royal connections, consulted with all sides of the family before signing the deal. She will hold the publication of the book until after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations next summer.

Will you take party planning tips from Pippa?

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