It’s late November, and already those best-of-the-year lists are starting to trickle out. Amazon chose Chad Harbach’s much-hyped debut, The Art of Fielding, as their No. 1 novel. Others have picked Jeffrey Eugenides’ long-awaited The Marriage Plot or included worthy contenders like Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 and Teju Cole’s Open City in a big unranked list (what a cop-out!). And yes, I’m planning to add to the cacophony with a list of my own, which I’m working on right now (look for it in the issue of EW that’s on newsstands Dec. 16). But before we’re all overwhelmed by a gush of often-conflicting opinions, we want to know what you thought were the best novels of 2011. Did you fall hard for Ann Patchett’s South American adventure yarn State of Wonder? Geek out to Ernest Cline’s page-turning nerd-fest Ready Player One? Marvel over accomplished debuts from Tea Obreht (The Tiger’s Wife) and Karen Russell (Swamplandia!)? Think The Art of Fielding was totally overrated? Below, let us know what you read and loved (or hated) this year. And if you have a top 10 list of your own, by all means post it. Let the arguing commence!

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