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Updated November 26, 2011 at 05:00 PM EST
Jersey Shore

In case you missed HSN’s “A Very Snooki Holiday Gift Special,” well… shame on you! You may have missed the fact that yet another holiday has been guido-fied. That’s right, GTL now stands for ‘Glitter, Trees, Lights.’ For the Nov. 10 special, Snooki partnered with Kurt S. Adler to create an exclusive collection of holiday ornaments (close-up after the jump) inspired by the Jersey Shore kids. Snooki’s collection is sold out, but it got us thinking. What other pop culture phenomena would you like to see trimming your tree this holiday season? See our suggestions and chip in your own ideas below.

Even Jesus isn’t safe from The Situation’s abs

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Since page-to-screen franchises Harry Potter and Twilight have already been etched in frosted glass, perhaps it’s time for The Hunger Games to get in on the holiday action? The centerpiece of the Games is a cornucopia, after all.

What about other reality juggernauts like the Real Housewives? NeNe Leakes on a tree would certainly make my holidays brighter. Snooki’s fellow Jersey girl Teresa Giudice could have an entire array of word ornaments because nothing says holiday cheer like a tree bedecked with “Prostitution whore!” and “Fabulicious!” Countess LuAnn would be perfect for a musical ornament, making Christmas that much more “Chic (C’est La Vie.”

Perhaps you fancy something more serious? What about a Downton Abbey nativity scene? Wouldn’t you like to sink your teeth into an Iron Lady fruitcake?

And, in light of Arrested Development‘s 2013 return, no Jewish home would be complete without a menorah featuring all 9 Bluth-Fünke family members. (Tobias Fünke Blue Man dreidel sold separately.)

What do you think, PopWatchers? What else would make for good holiday décor? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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