The Fox News host faces criticism for his latest nonfiction work about Abraham Lincoln

Honest Abe known for his dedication to truth, but Bill O’Reilly‘s new nonfiction book about the 16th president’s death is garnering criticism for playing fast and loose with it. The pundit’s Killing Lincoln, which hit stores in late September, has been rejected by the National Park Service for sale in its bookstores due to ”numerous factual errors.” Rae Emerson, a deputy superintendent at Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln was shot, identified at least 10 inaccuracies. These range from the incorrect use of the word furl to multiple references to the Oval Office despite its not having been built then. O’Reilly vehemently defended his book on his Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor, saying that there were only ”four minor misstatements,” and publisher Henry Holt and Co. says that corrections have been made. Despite the controversy, one Lincoln-centric place is still offering the book: ”We do have it and it’s actually our best seller,” says David Blanchette of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. He adds, ”Although when Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter came out, we carried that, too.”

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