Indie rock has had its flirtations with fiercer beasts (Fleet Foxes, Wolfmother, Grizzly Bear) for years. But lately, it seems, they're all doing the doe-si-doe

By Kyle Anderson
November 25, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

Most Recent Album Halcyon Digest (2010)
Not to Be Confused With The 1978 Robert De Niro film The Deer Hunter; guys who wear camouflage onesies in the name of ”sport.”
Sounds Like A hazy afternoon spent eating the ”special” mushrooms in your favorite thicket.
Fawn-worthiness 8 (out of 10). Frontman Bradford Cox sometimes smears fake blood on his face during concerts, perhaps as a tribute to all his fallen ungulate brethren.

The Antlers
Most Recent Album Burst Apart (2011)
Not to Be Confused With
Psychedelic buzz band Crystal Antlers; that bony chandelier hanging in your uncle’s mountain cabin.
Sounds Like A moody wander through the forest with Bambi’s cool cousin from Brooklyn.
Fawn-worthiness 5. Burst Apart contains multiple references to canines (”Hounds,” ”Putting the Dog to Sleep”), but not a single tribute to the tastiness of salt licks or the cuteness of those pointy ears.

Deer Tick
Most Recent Album Divine Providence (2011)
Not to Be Confused With The bloodsucking arachnids you have to burn off your Labradoodle every summer; beloved cult cartoon The Tick.
Sounds Like A hoof-stomping punk-blues jam in the basement of the Elks Club lodge.
Fawn-worthiness 9. Drunkenly direct ”Let’s All Go to the Bar” will soon be soundtracking a stag party near you.

Most Recent Album Swim (2010)
Not to Be Confused With Minnesota-based espresso chain Caribou Coffee; any of Santa’s four-legged helpers.
Sounds Like When Snape’s Patronus shape-shifts into an adorable doe in Deathly Hallows — mysterious, and a little alienating.
Fawn-worthiness 7. Founder Daniel Snaith has also recorded as both Manitoba and Daphni; how long before he adopts Comet or Blitzen as his nom de music?