Beyoncé! Adele! Gaga! Taylor! Pop's top ladies bring the best of their 2011 stage shows to your own home theater. We judge them on various diva criteria

By Leah Greenblatt and Melissa Maerz
November 25, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

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Beyoncé Live at Roseland: Elements of 4
Totally Unnecessary Introduction Cue the Texas charm: ”This night is going to be magical. Can I share my story with y’all?”
OMG Spectacular A full-throttle run through her career hits, both solo and with Destiny’s Child — all with her then-still-secret beybé on board. (Oh, what a little artful draping on a spangled mini-toga can conceal!)
How’s the Hair? Whip-tacular. Girl knows how to work a box-fan angle like no other.
”I’m Just Like You” Moment On her motivation to pen the 2001 Destiny’s Child smash ”Bootylicious”: ”I’d put on a few extra pounds” — sly pause — ” ‘cuz I’d been eatin”’
Are There Tears? Yes — discreetly wiped away during a tender, home-video-assisted rendition of ”I Miss You,” from this year’s 4.
Overall Grade A-

Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour Live
Totally Unnecessary Introduction ”Well, hello, Chicago, Illinois! My name is Taylor!”
OMG Spectacular For the grand finale, ”Love Story,” Swift plays Juliet on a balcony that soars over the stadium to the cheap seats.
How’s the Hair? Very mobile. Swift does some aggressive headbanging on ”Better Than Revenge” and twirls her blond locks around her finger before ”Long Live.”
”I’m Just Like You” Moment Gushing to the crowd: ”In my lifetime, I’ve run into people who aren’t quite as nice. The nice thing — you guys being nice — really means a lot to me.”
Are There Tears? No. You guys! She’s totally too happy to cry.
Overall Grade B+

Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Totally Unnecessary Introduction First-word honors go to her gobsmacked noting of the venue: ”Royal Albert f- – -ing Hall!”
OMG Spectacular That Voice needs no fireworks; it makes its own.
How’s the Hair? Marvelous — a leonine ’60s-film-star bouffant.
”I’m Just Like You” Moment Ridiculous talent aside, the 23-year-old is nothing but relatable: She introduces the audience to her best friend, lays her relationship struggles bare, and swears like a drunken sailor.
Are There Tears? Oh, yes. Her clutched tissue works overtime during ”Someone Like You.”
Overall Grade A-

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden
Totally Unnecessary Introduction ”My. Name. Is. LADY GAGA!”
OMG Spectacular During ”Paparazzi,” a gigantic ”fame monster” with glowing eyes and big teeth devours Gaga, who later emerges from the floor with a bra that shoots fire.
How’s the Hair? A little exhausted. It could use a hot-oil treatment.
”I’m Just Like You” Moment See below — and after that, roughly every 10 minutes.
Are There Tears? Indeed. Before going on stage, she sobs, ”I know it’s crazy because it’s, like, we’re at the Garden, but I still sometimes feel like a f—in’ loser kid in high school.” Overall Grade B

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