By Stephan Lee
Updated November 24, 2011 at 03:05 PM EST

Take out your red pens, grammarians! In case you’re feeling turkey or family overload this weekend, treat yourself to a laugh by checking out these hilarious grammatical blunders from More Badder Grammar (available now) by I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar author Sharon Eliza Nichols. SWEEPING DISCLAIMER: Any spelling or grammatical errors I make in this post are completely intentonal.

NEXT: Attack of the mutant goldfish …SO VERY WRONG

NEXT: An unfortunate misspelling could have been even more unfortunate …SAVED BY THE “O”

“Isn’t there spell check on the software used to make banners? Or common sense in the people who make them?”BAD MEDICINE

NEXT: Things I learned in “shcool”THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN

NEXT: Some signs that you need help …SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE

NEXT: Potato, po-tah-toe … or this?EAT MORE CHIKEN

NEXT: Errors in reporting …FAIR AND OFF-BALANCE

NEXT: More awkward school signs …REMEDIAL SIGN-MAKING

NEXT: A weekend is a good thing, even if it’s a “week end.”TOO MUCH BEER

NEXT: These next signs are meant for your benuffit …SAFETY FURST


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