By Abby West
Updated November 24, 2011 at 03:07 PM EST


It’s that time again. Time to sit back and watch members of your family scurry around making a feast, as the house fills up with people as well as delicious food smells. And before the football takes over the TV, all eyes are glued to the spectacle that is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Celebrating its 85th anniversary, this year’s parade will once again feature dancers, marching bands, floats and those giant balloons the parade is known for.

But even when it’s not the holiday season, the Macy’s parade has invaded our pop culture. Of course, there’s the iconic appearance in The Miracle on 34th Street (pictured above).It’s been referenced in TV and movies for years, most recently in Tower Heist (below).

Some other favorite references:

  • That Seinfeld episode when Elaine won Mr. Pitt the chance to be a balloon handler.

  • The Friends episode where the Underdog balloon gets away and the friends get locked out on the terrace watching it float by.

  • Bob Fosse’s Sweet Charity with Shirley MacLaine that shouts out the parade in the lyrics of “I’m a Brass Band” and has that band sequence that resembles the Parade.

What are some of you favorite references? Are you watching it today?