By Erin Strecker
Updated November 23, 2011 at 10:49 PM EST
Shareif Ziyadat/ABC

If you aren’t in the holiday spirit already, Lady Gaga is determined to get you there by this weekend.

First there was the barrage of ads for her A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special, airing tomorrow night; then, she launched her window bonanza at Barneys.

And now, making your traveling this weekend a little easier, she has also just announced on Twitter she is putting out a surprise mini-holiday release, A Very Gaga Holiday. I guess Lady Gaga: Total Holiday Domination was taken.

The four-track EP, all culled live from her Thanksgiving special and available now on iTunes, includes “White Christmas,” “Orange Colored Sky,” “You and I,” and “Edge of Glory.”

For a long time, many fans have been clamoring for some kind of EP or acoustic CD to really showcase her voice, as oppose to the fashion, flash, and onstage “decapitations.” After her well-received duet with Tony Bennett, this seems to be another step in that direction. The songs show how much her voice really is well-suited for the big-band and jazz-era stylings on these tunes — much like her slowed-down, showstopping performance of “Edge of Glory” on Howard Stern.

Listen to “White Christmas” — complete with an added verse, courtesy of Gaga — below:

Readers: Do these previews make you excited for A Very Gaga Thanksgiving tomorrow, or will you be taking a pass? Do you like this new trend of her doing her best retro boogie woogie?

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