Two down! Pretty soon, I’ll have a full AMC-length season of Spoiler Room: Video Edition in the bag.

In this episode, I bring you teases from a few people you might know: Kaycee DeFer of Gossip Girl fame, Bruce Campbell, and Dylan Walsh. But what really makes today’s video special is that it features the very first on-camera fan question. As I say in the video (but it’s worth mentioning again), thank you to every one of you who answered my tweet asking for video question submissions. You are all brave and awesome. There will be more chances to do that soon because, frankly, I’d rather see your lovely faces in these videos than mine. That’s not false modesty — it’s me not wanting to get up two hours early to get dressed on filming days. Yes, two hours. Isn’t that sad?

Anyhoo, come back here for your regular Spoiler Room column later this week. (Note: Follow me on Twitter for the latest on that. I MAY have an early Thanksgiving present for y’all.) Make sure you’re e-mailing me your questions, ponderings, and comments, especially if they are about what else you’d like to be seeing in these video editions. (They ARE for you, after all.) My e-mail is the same as always:

In the meantime, enjoy episode 2: Attack of the Clones, which means nothing, other than I can’t say the words “episode 2” without my nerd brain responding “attack of the clones.” (Please tell me I’m not the only one… )

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