If you’ve yet to see Susan Blackwell’s interview with Daniel Radcliffe for her video series Side by Side by Susan Blackwell, you’ll want to spend the next 16 minutes watching it here. Because Radcliffe is a bit of a slob — “I’m not clean or even vaguely pleasant to be around in a domestic situation,” he says after telling a story about how he once spilled Diet Coke, took off a sock to clean it up, then put the sock back on — friend Blackwell gives him a tutorial on how to clean her apartment. They start by washing windows in honor of his role in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Having just seen the show last week, I can confirm that Radcliffe is telling the truth when he claims to be still having a great time this deep into the run and that co-star John Larroquette still finds things to do to try to make him break character and laugh.

The interview, however, hits its stride when he sits down to learn how to sort laundry (“Dan Radcliffe is touching my underwear, double thumbs up”) and gets both charmingly flustered and thoughtful. After deciding his drag name would be Cricket Bunches, Blackwell decides if he can explain the rules to cricket to her before she gets bored, he won’t have to scrub her toilet. Cut to him scrubbing her toilet. In the lighting round of the interview (conducted in her shower), they play the game “Would You Buy Me That?” (I had to watch that twice). Enjoy!

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