By Annie Barrett
November 21, 2011 at 07:05 PM EST

Last week, when I attended the liiiiiiiiive tapings of Dancing With the Stars’ Monday and Tuesday shows, I also had the honor of becoming fast friends with a giant mirrorball I’d found in the prop cage. Just kidding! Burying the lede! I got to hang out with Our Cutest and Most Irish Pro Tristan MacManus — in and around his trailer!

If the 29-year-old dancer truly is a leprechaun like everyone says, then they sure have given him a big house-on-wheels in which to luxuriate and roll around seductively in his heaps of colorful marshmallows and gold. Watch the videos:

Press play below for my chat with Tristan MacManus in Parts 1 and 2 — plus, a scattered glimpse of the set and backstage featuring DWTS Troupe member Teddy Volynets (I apologize for sound issues on that one) in Part 3, and a chill discussion on (but not about) lawn furniture with musical director Harold Wheeler in Part 4!

I hope you’ll go back as many times as I did to replay the part where Tristan says “Snuffleupagus” in his adorable accent (01:47 in ‘Tristan Pt. 1’).

See you tonight, DANCMSTRs, for the first part of season 13’s finale week!


I should not be dancing and now you know why,

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