By Shaunna Murphy
Updated November 21, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

Ashley Greene fans, be warned: Despite her narration, and the fact that she is the focus of the first 30-odd seconds of A Warrior’s Heart’s trailer, this is Kellan Lutz’ movie. Scratch that — this is shirtless Kellan Lutz’ movie. “This is a story about the guy I fell for,” Greene explains. “But to really understand why, you have to know a little bit about the game he loves.”

Lutz’ story, which was graciously shared by Vulture, is a spectacular voyage of high school self-discovery facilitated by the centuries-old game of lacrosse. Naturally, Lutz hits some roadblocks on this voyage. In the trailer alone we see Lutz in jail, Lutz smashing things, Lutz mourning his dead father, Lutz battling with a shirtless Chord Overstreet, and Lutz being carted off to some clothing-optional “work camp” that specializes in grueling manual labor and lacrosse. You know, typical senior year activities. At some point he probably falls in love with Ashley Greene, but this is not covered.

Be sure to pay attention when you get to the 38-second mark, as you surely don’t want to miss a reenactment of a traditional semi-nude Native American lacrosse game. Watch the trailer below: