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After a night of electro-fizzy, TRON-imitating, backing track-assisted performances, LMFAO appropriately closed the 2011 American Music Awards (Check out the winners!) with a thumping medley of "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy And I Know It."

The afro'd duo provided all the typical pop tropes people have come to expect at an awards show like this. You know, giant robot heads, laser beams shooting from the ceiling, glittery bras, and an entire crowd of people wearing 3-D glasses — the stuff music is really about, at least according to the AMAs.

One thing most performance don't have, though? A dancing cameo by pop culture's favorite 5'3″ teen sensation: Justin Bieber.

Wearing a yellow pair of LMFAO's trademark Zubaz pants, Bieber hopped into the middle of the rowdy dance circle and shuffled out a chorus to "Party Rock Anthem" while wearing a sleeveless black shirt with the word "SEXY" emblazoned across the chest. Check out the finale performance below (Bieber appears around the 2:45 mark):

I mean, really, what better way is there to shake off a nasty paternity suit than a good shuffle with LMFAO? Bieber came out onstage, did his goofy dancing thing, and then zipped off just as quickly. It was a fun moment on a night of otherwise unsurprising (with the notable exception of Ms. Clarkson) performances.

In other news, David Hasselhoff also came out on stage and ripped off his pants to reveal a pair of smiley-face boxers. I feel like that needs a mention. Not any further analysis, but it happened.

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