Spotted: The cast and crew of Gossip Girl partying it up at Cipriani on Wall Street in New York in honor of the show’s 100th episode, which airs Jan. 30. But fans also have reason to celebrate: While the show has yet to be officially picked up for another season, Gossip Girl executive producers told to EW just prior to the bash that they believe a sixth season is imminent — and are planning accordingly.

“We’ve had no one saying to us, ‘Wrap it up. This is the last season.’ So we’re not [treating the season finale] as such,” said EP Joshua Safran, hoping to quell some fans’ fears that their favorite teen drama would soon fall victim to dwindling ratings.

Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. Television, also offered up his vote of confidence. “I can’t really say at this point, but I would hope and expect that there would be at least another year — if not years— to come.” Which is good news, considering executive producer Stephanie Savage said the finale would “absolutely” leave fans wanting to see the next season. (Translation: I’d place my bet on a cliffhanger.) “We see [the finale] as a continuing, developing story,” Safran said, adding that the writers have about 6 more episodes to pen. “At the same time, like every season, we plan to show the characters’ evolution and where we’re going to go with all the twists and turns that are about to happen. So there are no plans to wrap it up.”

More immediately, most of the night’s chatter related to the show’s big 100th episode that will center around Blair’s royal wedding to Prince Louis. But, as fans have been teased, there will definitely be more to this story.”I think it’s our biggest episode since the pilot,” says Safran. “I feel like if you’re a fan of the show and you’ve been watching from the beginning, you’re going to feel rewarded. But I also feel like if you’re tuning in after a long time, I think you may feel like you’ve missed a lot, but we really try to hit on everything that’s happened since [early on]. I’m very proud of it.”

Meanwhile, Blake Lively told reporters that the cast just finished filming a big dance sequence in which ” we were all dressed as people who are not ourselves.” Matthew Settle confirmed “wedding crasher” Georgina would cause “epic” trouble. And 100th episode director Mark Piznarski, who also directed the pilot, admitted there were some moments in the episode that “brought tears to my eyes.” “To see our kids — I do still refer to them as ‘my kids’ — going through something [difficult], that, as a parent, is a very emotional thing. So this episode is terrific.”

Beyond that, the cast was mostly sworn to secrecy about the specific ongoings and, naturally, couldn’t answer key questions that have been swirling the interwebs. (Will Blair actually marry Louis? What of the royal baby?) But Ed Westwick did have a small nugget for fans of Chuck and Blair, saying — without specifics — that they will likely find themselves pleased by the end of the hour. “It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans…but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure,” he said.


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