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Okay, so The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 gets a B-plus from moviegoers.


A B-plus ranking from CinemaScore? That’s it?

Granted, a B-plus isn’t terrible, but considering the passion and hysteria surrounding this franchise, it’s a bit of a surprise. New Moon got an A-minus, and Eclipse scored an A.

So what happened here? Did something in this film shake the vampire-loving faithful?

Actually, blame the boyfriends …

You might expect a middling grade from critics (EW’s own Lisa Schwarzbaum leveled it with “Enough with Bella’s depressed, ragdoll posture and her eternal gloom” and stamped it C-minus), and you might even expect a general poll of the population to result in a lot of eyeball rolling from people annoyed by this series. But, but … if you went to see Breaking Dawn on opening night, chances are you are already a Twihard.

We’re making an inference here, but my guess is it’s the people fans dragged to this movie who brought down the curve.

Exactly 72% of the audience was female, according to the movie tracking service, while the remaining 28% was made up of guys. Women gave the film an overall rank of A-minus, while the men came in with a solid B. (Anything B and below is consider “eh” in the world of CinemaScore.)

The audience was also 30% under the age of 18, and those folks gave the movie an A-minus, while those aged 18-24 (20% of the crowd) hit it with a B-plus. Those aged 25-34 (22% of the moviegoers) were least impressed, delivering the shrug of a B ranking. Once you reach the 35-49 range (16% of the group) things tick up to an A-minus, but go 50 or older (11 percent) and feelings fall back to the B-plus department.

In terms of “reasons for attending this movie,” CinemaScore uncovered these results: 31% gave an A to “actor in lead role” (but didn’t specify Team Edward or Team Jacob), 22% gave an A-minus to “actress in lead role,” and 6% said director (sorry Bill Condon) but gave him an A-minus.

What say you? Tell EW your own take on the beginning of the end of The Twilight Saga in the comments.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Pt. 1

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