Credit: McHale: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

How does one bid adieu and give the proper credit to a television institution like Regis Philbin? The Reege, if you will.

Some gave sweet, sincere on-air speeches, like his co-host Kelly Ripa did Friday morning, while others chose Twitter to say what was in their hearts about Regis on this, his final day as host on Live!. For instance, Ellen DeGeneres posted, "Today ends an era in television. It's Regis' last day. Love ya Reege. #RegisFarewell", Jimmy Kimmel wrote, "It seems unlikely that anyone will ever top Regis", while Neil Patrick Harris, who will step in as guest host, tweeted, "Congratulation on an extraordinary run, Regis. You're an inspiration, and a class act. You and @KellyRipa were great together. Thank you."

Others wrote songs about the 80-year-old icon. Actually, only Bret Michaels wrote a song about it, but it's spectacular (sample lyric: "Your suits are top-notch/Your hair, it's always in style") and you can listen to it here.

Joel McHale on the other hand, who has paid tribute to Regis in his own special way over the years on The Soup, opted to send an exclusive, heartfelt and funny tribute by way of EW to the living legend. He said of Philbin: "My lasting impression of Regis comes not as a guest, but a fan. His ability to take the stage every day and bring that explosive enthusiasm for every topic and every guest and to be both informed about so much and curious about that which he isn't informed makes him, to me, the quintessential daytime TV host Regis is a talent we will not soon see again. Also, he makes love firmly, but fairly. And he has a great knife collection. Really helps set the mood."

Couldn't have said it any better ourselves. Farewell, Reege! You're already missed!

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