By Adam B. Vary
Updated November 18, 2011 at 08:44 PM EST

Who knew that James Bond was such a tease? Well, okay, everyone knew that, and now it appears the roguish British secret agent has staked out Twitter as his new arena for playful innuendo. First, @007 tweeted out a shot from the first day of principal photography on Skyfall, hinting at a bathroom locale redolent of mildew and ill deeds. And today, ten days into the shoot, he’s tweeted a shot from the 53rd scene of the film (section G, indicating a complex sequence is afoot), this time in what appears to be a makeshift office set either in a basement or warehouse. You can see a larger version below.

A closer look at this shot has me wondering if Mr. Bond has tipped his hand too far. The standard gray office chair. Those generic-yet-stylish silver lamps. The utilitarian and sleek table-top desk. If I am not mistaken, whoever uses this office shops at IKEA. Could Skyfall be about a stealth Swedish plot to take over the world one affordable piece of furniture at a time? Those behemoth blue retail stores popping up across the country do look rather ominous…

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